with more than 10 years
experience in orthodontics

About Us

Māris Gržibovskis

Maris Grzibovskis

PHD, orthodontist, member of European Aligner Society, Morth RCSEd, D.D.S., Member of the board of LOA

Zane Krisjane-Polaka

PHD., ortodontist, member of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Diana Cebanova

Specialist in the orthodontics team

Ieva Ozola

Orthodontics resident

Irina Jefimova

Orthodontics resident

Tetiana Kutsopatra

Dentist D.D.S.

Gita Amtmane

Senior nurse of clinic,
Treatment coordinator/assistant in the orthodontics team,
President of LZАА

Laima Sedvalde

Assistant in the orthodontics team

Kristiāna Roga

Assistant in the orthodontics team

Daniels Belajevs

Orthodontics resident

Simona Calkovska

Assistant in the orthodontics team

Natalija Dragune

Hygenist /Assistant in the orthodontics team

Elina Kruzina


Laura Ozola

Assistant of the dentist

Tatjana Borisova

Senior administrator

Natalja Grigorjana-Gaigala


Aija Avotina


Anna Hohlova


Liga Irbe

Concordia group Quality standarts manager

If you are in Middle Asia,
you are welcome to visit
our branch in Tashkent.

More about clinic in Tashkent

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+371 26 25 25 39
[email protected]


130 Street K. Barona, Riga

Working hours

Mo-Th 9.00-18.00
Fr 9.00-17.00