Orthodontics is a dentistry discipline, focusing on correction of incorrect position of teeth and jaws, using both removable and permanent devices.

We diagnose and treat various dental and jaw development problems:

  • dental overcompression;
  • aligning of slanted or incorrectly positioned teeth;
  • preparation of dental bed before prosthetics;
  • we offer individual approach to any orthodontic problem;
  • we diagnose, analyse occlusion and supervise treatment with intraoral iTero scanner, which ensures the highest accuracy possible.

We align teeth with various dental alignment systems:

  • aligners correcting the occlusion
  • braces
  • orthodontic devices tailor-made in the technical dental lab

Invisalign – more than 8 years of experience with Invisalign aligners system and 1000 treated patients in Latvia.

Invisalign is a set of transparent aligners – modern alternative to braces.

During the treatment, a tailor-made aligners is replaced every one or two weeks. When changing the retainers, week after week, your teeth will move and align according to the position specified by the specialist.

The treatment is carried out using the most advanced remote monitoring system in the world, Dental Monitoring / ScanBox:

  • Treatment assessment every week;
  • In addition, regular assessment of your oral cavity and teeth health by hygenist
  • Almost 80% of problems can be fixed remotely;
  • Spotting caries and other diseases at an early stage;
  • Stay connected with your doctor and practice anywhere, anytime. Especially convenient if you are on vacation, on business trips, or have a busy daily schedule;
  • Exclusive – used only in Concordia dentistry.

Consultation with an orthodontist and treatment from 4 years of age

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