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During the “first online consultation” a patient discusses the orthodontic treatment possibilities with doctor. You may contact us online via computer, mobile phone or a tablet. It allows the doctor to collect information and to be well prepared for an on-site visit to discuss patient’s situation and solutions in greater detail.

The “First online consultation” is a part of the on-site consultation, allowing to find out the most important questions about the treatment in general.


How to do it?

Schedule your consultation as usual: CALL or SEND AN E-MAIL and make a payment of 30 or 40 euro to the clinic’s bank account, one day in advance or on the same day, and send the payment order to the clinic’s e-mail. When scheduling the meeting, specify your e-mail to which you will later receive an invitation to join a conversation with the doctor.

Download application ZOOM Cloud Meetings from App Store or Google Play store.

In the scheduled time you will have to open e-mail where you will find a message from ZOOM Cloud Meetings and a link for joining the conversation with the doctor.

For more information contact the clinic by calling 26252539 or writing at [email protected]

Important – payment for the second “first online meeting” must be settled when you visit the clinic.



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